ameryllis handmade goatmilk soap for skin problem aka sabun susu kambing


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Goat’s milk soap has many benefits over commercially manufactured soaps. One of the main benefits is the ability of those with skin allergies to use this soap to maintain healthy skin. Goats milk has many vitamins and other essential elements to help nourish skin. These include vitamins A, E, C, some of the B vitamins, amino and citric acids, unsaturated fatty acids and zinc. Goats milk soap has the proteins of milk products. These proteins kill acne producing bacteria. Gmoat’s milk soap contains caprylic acid which makes the product a low pH level because it is an alkaline product. This brings the pH closer to human skin and prevents dryness while allowing nutrients to enter the skin. Goat’s milk soap benefits include the lack of alcohol, petroleum or preservatives. This helps reduce skin irritation and itchiness for people with sensitive skin or eczema. Introduction ameryllis goat milk soap unscented which suitable for pregnant lady,women,men and even babies. Pm me for ordering now introduced price only rm15 perpcs (excluding postage) Our soap is ready to sales. freedom from harmful sls now and say yes to natural. Wechatjoey2383/whatsapp 0123757185. Our soap is 100%handmade using traditional method without

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    Tempah web Jualan/Affiliate/ MLM System... klik sini


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