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Text: Thesis and Dissertation Formatting Services: Researching, writing, and defending a thesis or dissertation can be stressful enough without also having to worry about adhering to strict style guidelines. I am well-versed in a number of different formats. I will format your document to your university’s exacting specifications, freeing your time and energy to focus on your content and defence.

Thesis and Dissertation Formatting service includes:
– Formatting your dissertation or thesis according to university guidelines;
– Electronic copies of your finished thesis or dissertation in .doc and .pdf format.

Journal Articles and Books: In addition, we also offer formatting services for journal articles and books.

My turnaround time is approximately 5-10 business days, depending upon the length of your document. A 50% deposit is needed as security when you agreed to use this service. Once I have completed it, a locked pdf (readable only) file will be sent to you for checking. Please note that payment in full is needed before we sent you a printable file electronically. Work will not be released until payment in full is received. If a copy (print or electronic) is requested prior to completion, the amount owed up to that point must be paid before a copy is furnished. Should rework be necessary, my mistakes will be cheerfully and promptly corrected free of charge.

Technical Specifications: All word processing is done in Windows 7 Professional, Microsoft Word 2010. Due to variations in printers and software, formatting cannot be guaranteed to remain intact and print correctly from the Microsoft Word document. The PDF file should be used for submittal to a university or publisher.

For more information:
WhatsApp/Telegram: 01152599849



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