Carpet Laundry & Car seat Cleaning services


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MEH Global Services & Maintenance a Bumiputras Business Cleaning company provides the Carpet Cleaning Services throughout all over Malaysia.
• Getting the Carpet service for cleaning/installation/vehicle seats/sofa(Home,Office/Surau/Mosque/Hotel) with affordable charges.
• Using the EXTRACTOR HOT WATER a high end technology machine for superb carpet cleaning
• Minimum Carpet charges RM1.30 per feet(Home Carpet only)
• Take & send carpet service direct to your home covered Klang Valley area(Subang,Shah Alam & Klang only)-minimum 3 pcs of carpets

For further details,please do hesitate to contact us:
Pm/Call/WhatsApp : 011-3231 2891(Mr Borhan)
Office: 03-3392 1019



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